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Next Council Meeting is June 7, 2022

Notice to Rural Municipality of Moose Creek No. 33 Ratepayers:

Please ensure that you are taking pictures of any losses that occurred during storms on the following dates:

April 13-15 and April 22-24

Our municipality has sent in two applications to PDAP (Provincial Disaster Assistance Program) to designate our RM as an eligible assistance area. If approved, this will provide financial assistance for livestock loss as a result of the extreme weather events on April 13-15, 2022 and on April 22-24, 2022

You will be required to submit the following to PDAP:

-determine if you have existing insurance to cover the loss and if not , reasons must be provided as to why and a denial letter must be obtained from your insurance company -obtain a claim form from our office once available -documentation and photos of the damage /loss (this is very important)

Please watch the FB page for more information. Once our application is approved, I will post the required forms.

Please be advised that the Water Security Agency has initiated a 10 cubic metre per second (350 cubic feet per second) release today from the Grant Devine Dam. We are approaching the Full Supply Level (FSL) at the reservoir and with rain in the forecast we have started this release. We will continue to monitor the basin as this precipitation event unfolds over the next couple of days. There may be a need for a larger release from the reservoir depending on rainfall amounts expected from this system.