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Farmers' Voice

APAS is very pleased to share the first edition of our new quarterly magazine, Saskatchewan Farmer’s Voice. Our magazine is an effort to communicate with all Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers. Our aim is to provide information about APAS activities, examine important agricultural issues, feature sections on agronomy and business, and provide information on member benefits available to APAS member ratepayers.

APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program

The APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program was established in 2014 and is open to Saskatchewan producers between the ages of 18 and 40. The program aims to help young producers gain valuable experience, take advantage of networking opportunities, and develop the skills necessary to become a future industry leader.

Participants are matched up with a farm leader over the age of 40 in a mentee-mentor relationship. Participants also attend APAS meetings and the APAS AGM, and when possible the CFA AGM in Ottawa.

Young producers are the future of agriculture and a priority for APAS. In 2016, participants in the Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program asked for and received the support at the APAS Annual General Meeting to set up their own Policy Committee: the APAS Young Agricultural Producers Committee, or ‘YAP.’ Participants in the APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program will work with the YAP Committee to help identify policy ideas for the future.