Rural Municipality of Moose Creek #33

R.M of Moose Creek No.33


Mill Rate

Mill Rate-6.5

Mill Rate Factors

Agriculture-0.55, Residential-0.85, Commercial-2.05

Base Taxes

Commercial Base Tax-$250.00

2019 Education Property Tax Mill Rates




Resource- 9.68

% of Value Chart

Non-arable(range) Land & Improvements-45%

Other Agriculture Land & Improvements-55%



Railway Right of Way and Pipeline-100%

Payment of Taxes-Discounts & Penalties

If paid by August 31st-7%

If paid by September 30th-7%

If paid by October 31st-5%

If paid by November 30th-3%

If paid by December 31st-0%

Payments Accepted:

* By cheque payable to the R.M. of Moose Creek No.33

* By cash or debit in the office

* Online

* E-Transfer

Penalties: A penalty will accumulate each month on arrears of taxes. Tax arrears will be charged a penalty of 1% per month. Penalties will be added to the tax roll for any outstanding taxes as of January 1st following each taxation year.